Dandelion Nursery and Preschool believes in nurturing the whole child to promote a life-long love of discovery.

A collaborative community full of support is important to each family in their child’s foundational years. We are dedicated to creating opportunities to build this community through open communication and family events.

Dandelion believes promoting life-long discovery lies within a child’s intrinsic desire to learn and create, fostering understanding of the environments and people around them. Children’s ideas are celebrated and encouraged through play, exploration, care, and connection.

Dandelion Nursery and Preschool understands that as each child is unique, so is each family; their values, experiences, and expectations. As a practice, we encourage open communication to build strong relationships and gain knowledge that helps us walk this journey of early childhood together.


Dandelion Nursery and Preschool provides a daycare community in which families can bond with and support each other and in their commitment to the early education of their child(ren).

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